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Growing up in Southwest Oklahoma shaped my values, centered around family, church, and the wisdom of my grandmother. Southwest Oklahomans are my family, and my commitment is to advocate for you at the Capitol as I would for any member of my own family.

Economic Development

As a small business owner for over 20 years, I understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, particularly in Southwest Oklahoma. I will champion policies that foster the growth and sustainability of our local businesses. Recognizing that our public education system is a key factor for outside businesses, I am committed to addressing its deficiencies. Southwest Oklahoma has the lowest per capita income in the state, and we must implement measures that make our region attractive to businesses.

Protect Public Schools

Public education is my passion, and I have dedicated 18 years to supporting schools and teachers by volunteering, coaching, sponsoring schools, and buying school supplies and athletic equipment. I am determined to stand against corrupt practices that divert Southwest Oklahoma school funds to private schools in OKC and Tulsa. Our teachers, who have been disrespected for too long, deserve raises and increased funding in the classroom to provide our children with the education they deserve.  We can not attract and keep quality teachers if we don’t prioritize public education.

Health Care

Southwest Oklahomans urgently need improved access to quality healthcare. As someone who works closely with families facing financial struggles and are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy, I understand the impact of limited access to medical care. The impending loss of SoonerCare coverage for nearly 300,000 Oklahomans poses a significant threat to our already strained healthcare system and places these families in danger. We must focus on expanding access, not reducing it.

Women's Rights

The ongoing assault on women's rights in Oklahoma, particularly reproductive rights, is alarming. I firmly believe in a woman's right to choose, and it is crucial to ensure that resources are available to support these decisions safely and responsibly.


Corruption is a growing concern in Oklahoma, exemplified by the current FBI investigation into State Superintendent Ryan Walters for the alleged misuse of millions of dollars in COVID funds intended for public schools. The Swadley’s Barbecue scandal continues to drain taxpayer money. I am committed to standing up against corruption and representing Southwest Oklahomans with unwavering integrity.

Criminal Justice

Our state leads the nation in incarceration rates, especially of women, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive criminal justice reform. This issue intersects with access to quality mental health care and resources to facilitate the reintegration of individuals into their families and society.

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